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Krown Rust Control Center:

Superior Auto Sales, 5201 Camp Road, Hamburg, NY 716-649-6695 is an authorized Krown Rust Control Center.

Krown advanced process protects the underside of your vehicle from rust including its vulnerable floor panels. Krown's rust inhibiting product also extends the life of gas lines, brake lines, sensors and other mechanical parts by protecting them with its unique self-healing barrier. Additionally Krown is able to creep into important but hard to reach areas like box frame rails and unibody construction protecting your vehicles many spot welds and hard to reach areas. Krown is designed to penetrate and displace moisture between folded metal panels including the bottom of your vehicles doors establishing a protective barrier against rust. A vehicles body panels are a common area for rust damage. Krown's trained technicians add small, discrete access points to the vehicles body panels to allow access to these rust prone interior panels. Krown is applied to the inside of the front quarter panels, doors, rocker panels, hood, trunk lid and rear quarter panel. Krown performs other important benefits lubricating and maintaining mechanical parts like window winders, door handles, locks & hinges. Along with electrical connections. Krown's rust inhibitor is sprayed using a high pressure system, allowing it to mist over the panels interior creating a light protective barrier over the entire surface including mechanical part. Krowns application protects the engine compartment focusing on problem areas for corrosion like electrical connections, battery terminals, inner fenders, shock towers, fire wall, hood, seams & latches. Rust is your vehicles worst enemy. It will deteriorate and weaken your vehicles structural integrity over time. Krown prevents the damaging effects of rust on the roll cage assembly extending vehicle life while improving driver and passenger safety. Protect your vehicle annually with Krown. The number one rust protection. You will save money on repairs while improving your vehicles appearance, safety and resale value.

Krown....protect, maintain, save.